Series 4655 OEM USB roughness sensor 


4 6 5 5 X                  


1 = 10mm2 analyzed surface area


2 = 1mm2 analyzed surface area


Windows device driver and application software included.
Scientific term: Scatterometer

Used for texture, imperfections, uniformity, seam and crack, glossiness and porosity

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3D AutoCAD drawing of sensor (zipped)   -   DWG = [R13] [R14] [R2000]       DXF = [R13] [R14] [R2000]

Technical Data Description
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degree C The roughness sensor has a built in infrared light source.  Scattered light reflected from a rough surface is analyzed and the roughness factor is calculated in absolute or relative units. Some applications may need calibration.  Program allows the saving of measured data to a text file continuously or point-by-point.  The data file is a text file and can be viewed using programs, such as Notepad, Word, etc.  2 high-low opto-coupled outputs can be activated.  Due to the sensitivity and high sample rates it is advised that the surface sensor be mounted firmly avoiding any environmental light.  The roughness sensor is a one dimensional instrument.  Circular movement over the probe changes measurement results.
- 04 ...+ 140 degree F
Weight:    6 oz (0.17 kg)
Protection: IP 54, NEMA 3
USB powered, 6ft cable
Housing: ABS chromed
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible
Software :  Device driver for Windows 
Application software
Roughness range:  0.05 to 20 micron IO Screen
Illumination:  890 nm
Data capture:  2 x 10 bit
Capture time:  5 msec
Output module with 6ft USB cable is included
Absolute measurement mode 
and calibration
The use of the calibration process permits translation from sensor output to the desired values and units of the measurement. If calibration is enabled, a reference output as well as units of measurement will be displayed.
Comparative measurement mode
The wide range of 1 to 100 roughness measurement units allows for an easy industrial quality inspection .  Setpoints in combination with an output card connected through a USB hub can be used to automate the measurement process. Use of multiple USB products with one PC is possible.
For a nominal charge of $100.00, Hohner Corp. will test and evaluate your samples to ensure this product meets your specific requirements and standards.  Should modifications be required, Hohner Corp. will advise in writing of any additional charges.

Cleaning of Device: Should be done regularly with a clean, dry, lint free cotton cloth.

The Life expectance of this device is 50,000 hours

Two 1/4" holes 2-3/4" apart are for precision mounting with dowel pins.

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