Series 7J34 OEM refractive index sensor with Analog output 10...20 mA

7 J 3 4                  


3D AutoCAD drawing of sensor (zipped)   -   DWG = [R13] [R14] [R2000]       DXF = [R13] [R14] [R2000]

Technical Data Description
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degree C The refractive index sensor has a built in laser light source.  Light refracted in a liquid is analyzed and the refractive index is calculated in absolute or relative units. Some applications may need calibration.  Due to the sensitivity and high sample rates it is advised that the sensor be mounted firmly avoiding any environmental light.  
- 04 ...+ 140 degree F
Current consumption: 50 mA (max.)
Weight:    52.9 oz (1.5 kg)
Protection: IP 54, NEMA 3
Housing: Bronze
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible
Illumination:  630 nm Comparative measurement mode
Analyzed surface area:  liquid To hold a specific surface finish, the sensor output can be compared with a previously obtained one. This will provide monitoring of the refractive index during a technological process. The previously obtained sensor output is taken on    a “template” liquid that meets quality requirements.
6 ft cable
Color Function
Black GND
Red +15 ... 24 Volts
White output 10 ... 20 mA
Aside is a sample graph showing the sensor output versus the refractive index.  Note that the output shown across is not typical and varies for different materials and machining processes.
Absolute measurement mode and calibration
For applications requiring absolute refractive index measurement, the sensor output must be calibrated against samples of the same liquid with known indexes.
For a nominal charge of $100.00, Hohner Corp. will test and evaluate your samples to ensure this product meets your specific requirements and standards.  Should modifications be required, Hohner Corp. will advise in writing of any additional charges.

Cleaning of Device: Should be done regularly with a clean, dry, lint free cotton cloth.

The Life expectance of this device is 50,000 hours

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