Series 4A55 USB OEM colour sensor 


4 A 5 5                  

Windows device driver and application software included.

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3D AutoCAD drawing of sensor (zipped)   -   DWG = [R13] [R14] [R2000]       DXF = [R13] [R14] [R2000]

Technical Data IO Screen
perating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degree C
- 04 ...+ 140 degree F
Weight:    6 oz (0.17 kg)
Protection: IP 54, NEMA 3
USB powered, 6ft cable
Housing: ABS chromed
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible
Illumination: halogen incandescent
Analyzed surface area:  10 mm2
Capture time:  10 m sec
Data capture:  3 x 8 bit
Output module with 6ft cable is included
A potentiometer at the rear allows light 
Computer Screen from Device.

The Colour Sensor measures colour reflection coefficients of surfaces.  It has a built in halogen light source.  Each unit can be calibrated upon request. The colour reflection of a colored surface is shown as a graph or in numerical format. Measurement results can be saved as text or bitmap.  Spectral sensitivities are as follows:

Spectral range 420 .. 700 nm
Spectral response
Red - 420..530 nm
Green - 490-600 nm
Blue - 590-700 nm
Number of elements in the detector: 3
The Colour Sensor has 3 photo-detectors and distinct colour separation for RGB (red, green, blue).  Signal from each cell of the PDA is processed by a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter.  2 high-low opto-coupled outputs can be activated


For a nominal charge of $100.00, Hohner Corp. will test and evaluate your samples to ensure this product meets your specific requirements and standards.  Should modifications be required, Hohner Corp. will advise in writing of any additional charges.

Cleaning of Device: Should be done regularly with a clean, dry, lint free cotton cloth.

The Life expectance of this device is 50,000 hours

Two 1/4" holes 2-3/4" apart are for precision mounting with dowel pins.


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